Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Make-it-work Wednesday: bathroom progress

The new master bathroom is moving right along, but at tortoise pace, as opposed to the required racing bunny speed we'd hoped for.  It is going in the right direction though.  Here's where I left off last night...
first row of tiles done all the way around the shower walls (had to let them set up for a while before piling on the rest of the wall tiles), and a bit done up the back wall of the shower.
sink base purchased at ReBuild for $25.00 (holy ol' awesomeness  Batman!), floor completely littered with tiling supplies, and toilet being appropriately used as an iPhone holder...
So there's been slight progress made on the to-do list since the last bathroom post:
~Run plumbing and electrical
~Put up final drywall sections
~Install shower pan
~Tile shower walls (this will be my first ever tile project, so please wish me luck)*
~Make (yes make) sink base**  
~Prime and paint walls
~Make shower curtain 
~Cut giant hole in exterior wall (that we just put new siding on 2 years ago), and install a window 
And here are the new additions to the list:
~Patch the be-jeezum out of amateur drywall job
~Make vanity top
  **thankfully, since I found the sink base for dirt cheap, I didn't have to build the whole thing from scratch, but it didn't come with a top.  So the top is currently under construction in my basement, and awaiting its final coats of polyurethane before it's big reveal.

*Turns out that tiling is tedious, and takes a toll on my joints after spending hours precariously squatting in my shower stall, but it majorly beats the hell out of drywalling.  If we're able to score a couple decent showers without all the tiles falling off the walls, then I'll do a how-to post on the tiling job.

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  1. Girl, you never cease to amaze me! You can do just about anything you put your mind to and that is something you don't see now a days. I'm very impressed and inspired to push myself a little harder to learn how to do more on my own and not be so dependent on others. Thank you so much for that :)

    1. You're most welcome. Someday i'll post a behind-the-scenes about how much yelling, crying, swearing, and general immaturity takes place to get through some of these projects. ha!