Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to dress like you're awesome...because you totally are...

Dear Moms,

   It is totally possible to still feel like a bad-ass mega hottie when you have kids.  Please do try.  

Below, I've put together an example of how I'd do that, if I were you.  Actually, this is how I'd do it for me.  You can do it however you'd like to.  You'll need the following items to look and feel like the cool mom on the playground (think Halle Berry):
~Shampoo.  Give yourself a treat and wash your hair today.  If you're not up for a good pampering though, substitute with a cute hat (bonus, it'll keep the sun from wrinkling your pretty little face while hiding your filthy hair)
~Any tank or T with a design that would be suitable for a rock-star to wear, but has enough coverage to wear a proper bra underneath.
~Any pair of jeans in a flattering, modern, not-too-dark-not-too-light wash, preferably in a looks-good-on-anyone straight cut, with a waistline that stops below your belly button.  If you've lost your navel behind the top of your jeans, you're in some never-allowed Mom-Jean territory that you need to unzip your way out of pronto.
~Any pair of comfy flats, sandals, flip-flops, moccasins, etc. in a fun color of your choosing.  They just have to look cute poking out under your jeans, and be comfy enough to spend the day in.  Major bonus if they're made out of a material that's easy to clean cat shit off of.  For whatever reason, any sand box within a 5 mile radius of an outdoor cat is like the holy grail of thrones.  I swear the neighborhood cats all get together in the evening and troll around looking for the most frequently played in sandboxes and have a contest of who can crap the most times in each one.  Sorry...back to the post you started reading for fashion tips...
~Any bag that's large enough to be a diaper bag, but doesn't look at all like a diaper bag, and is in a simple enough in style and color to go with lots of outfits (to get the most bang for your buck). 
~A few bangles that look shiny and cool, and sound neat when they jingle together.
~A pair of sunglasses to, duh, protect your eyes from the sun, and also to make you feel that much more like the rock star you are.  

rock mom

Just so we're clear, I can't afford a single item I included in this look.  I didn't do this to tease you (or me).  I chose these pieces because they looked simple, comfy, and fun, and wouldn't be at all difficult to find cheap knock-off versions of.  If you're rollin' in the dough though, or you just want to see what folks spend entire paychecks on, you can click on each little pictures above and it'll bring you to where you can check out their price tags.

Now go forth and make other moms jealous of you.

Thanks for stopping by,

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