Monday, May 21, 2012

The chickens are outside!!!

Jurassic Park has left the building.  My egg birds are still inhabiting the spare bedroom, but they're not growing at nearly the alarming rate or producing a fraction of the stink factor that the meat birds were achieving.  The little feathered dino adolescents now have a much larger space to walk about, and poo upon whatever the choose.

A half-finished fence with an old door as, well, the door, but cut off  and turned on it's side.  An old storage shed now full of straw bedding, and a fancy new compost bin made from old roofing material right out side... what more could you ask for?!  Indoor plumbing would be nice, but I'm not a chicken, and I asked my chickens what they thought about plumbing, and one of them answered me by shitting on another one's back.  They're some classy creatures...

So far they all refuse to venture outside...
...Except for this one, who fell out, and very quickly scrambled back in

For those of you professional chicken bringer-uppers, you'll note with great disapproval that I've used chicken wire on my outdoor section of their enclosure.  For those of you who don't know, "chicken wire" is a stupid name for this particular type of wire fencing, because it's not really all that suitable for chicken enclosures at all.  It's child's play for a raccoon or skunk to peel it right open, and let themselves in for a midnight snack.  BUT, the outdoor area of their playpen is for daytime use only, and I've fortified the shed like Fort Knox.  They'll be closed into their fortress at night, and only allowed out in their skimpy-wired outdoor area during the daytime.  So really, it's only purpose is to keep the little ding-dong-osauruses from walking too far out into my yard and leaving deposits for my dogs to devour.  And for that, the flimsy wire will do just fine.

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