Friday, May 4, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday: the chicks are here!!!

The chicklets have arrived!!!

16 new babies!  10 meat birds, and 6 egg birds!

the whole family was completely captivated by them

The Kid thought the chicks should "watch a movie."  So he played his Leapster for them.  

the good kids got to stay and play with the chicks some more.  Martha wanted to see what one tasted like, so she got banned from the room, and The Husband got put on bad-dog watching duty.

Marley officially wins the World's gentlest dog award.  She tried to make friends with every single one of them, and was absolutely terrified of the one that pecked her on the nose.

Now I have to get back to my supervisory duties, because from the other room I can hear the gleeful giggles of a boy watching a baby chicken poop, and the thrill of watching it's idiot sister run through it is just too much to handle...

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  1. Awww <3
    Cute lil chicks! I love how your boy is sharing his Leapster with them! And your dogs! OMG thats funny stuff!
    You blog has got me hooked on chickens. I'm serious I bought a rooster planter at the thrift store yesterday and I don't do farm decor. . until now.
    And my DH said I can have a chicken :) ONE chicken.

  2. one's a start! i think 16 is probably too many to start with, but oh well...we're in it now!