Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: 5 Ways that my clothes line saves me money...

Here's why I use my clothes line almost every single day in the Spring, Summer, and Fall (not so much in the Winter, because Vermont winter wind makes pretty quick work of making bra-cicles)...
clothes line

1.  I find that hanging clothes out on the line is calming and therapeutic in an old-fashioned, simpler-time kind of way.  This saves me absolutely no money what-so-ever, but it helps with my stress level which is pretty priceless. 

2.  Mother Nature rocks at stain-fighting.  The sun helps naturally "bleach" whites, and between the sunlight and the breeze, odors simply disappear.  This saves me money a few ways; I don't have to spend extra money on stain-treatment products, I don't have to waste the water, electricity (and more money) by running the washer on the heavy-duty-dirt-getter-outer cycle, and I don't have to replace The Kid's clothing as frequently (don't tell me you haven't thrown away an article of children's clothing because of any number of mysterious odors that you hope remain unidentified.  This goes for Husbands also...).

3.  I save money on my electric bill by not having to run my dryer as much.  Even when it's raining out, I still hang clothes out on my covered porch.  The damp air prevents them from drying completely, but the breeze helps dry them enough that I usually only have to throw the load in the dryer for about 20 minutes to finish it off.  

4.  I don't have to buy new clothes as often.  Dryers wreak havoc on the fibers in clothing.  Elastics, delicate fabrics, and thinner threads don't stand a chance at longevity against the heat of a dryer.  

5.  I don't have to buy any of those skin-irritating, artificially scented dryer sheets to have the "Fresh Linens" or "Summer Breeze" kind of scent to my clothing, and they don't come off the line all electrified with static either... see #2 on how Mother Nature rocks.

I'm off to hang some laundry out...

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  1. Had to share this one on my Facebook. I love drying clothes on the line! I'm like a crack addict and have to sniff in that fresh smell. Even as their drying on the line.
    Yeah, I get a few wierd looks from the neighbors but oh well.
    Dried the pillow pets on the line as well and suprisingly they are holding their fresh dried smell better than regular pillows. . intersting.
    Have a wonderful day, Lindsey :)

    1. thanks for sharing my post! glad I'm not the only one who gets a laundry "high." just not from folding it...that's where the fun ends for me.

  2. Love this blog! You rock! I am so excited to get a laundry line put up at out house for all the reasons you stated!