Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Make-it-work Wednesday: New Master Bathroom!!!

This is my inspiration photo for our master bathroom...
I'm totally kidding.  This bathroom is bigger than all 3 bedrooms in my house combined.  And although it's totally gorgeous, the practicality in me kills the dream of it.  All I can think of is how dirty that chair is going to get when my kid jumps on it, and how bad that rug's going to stink when it gets wet.

OK, so here's my actual inspiration room...

I know this picture doesn't show much of the room, but it has the stuff I'm shooting for; Bright walls, subway tile, classic sink that'll never go out of style, and just a few pops of color from accessories that can be redistributed elsewhere if I get sick of them.  I change my mind pretty often, and I like the option of being able to change out colored towels rather than repainting a colored wall.

Getting a bathroom for our master bedroom was a bitter-sweet decision.  You see, in order to have a master bathroom, we would need to sacrifice my closet.  Nooooooooooo!!!!   I'm slightly obsessed with my closet.  I could spend hours in there pulling things out, reorganizing, putting things back, and making it just the right amount of OCD awesomeness.  But then, I saw the light.  Having a master bathroom would add mega value to our house (essential right now, since we're working on refinancing it), it would keep our grown-up bathroom stuff separate from The Kid's bathroom stuff, and it would save me having to march my scantily clad behind through the house at 2am for a potty break.  All of a sudden my perfect, color-coded, sleeve-length specific  piles of sweaters didn't seem so important anymore.  OK, not true.  They're still just as important, but I'm now willing to find a different home for them.

So it began...
Before:  Our bedroom (still without flooring at the time of this picture) as it was since we moved in 3 years ago.

During:  My dad came over and helped demo the wall between the bedroom and closet, and frame in the new space for the bathroom to go.  We lost about 3 feet from our bedroom, but we won't have to share a bathroom with a 7-year-old that is somehow capable of getting toothpaste on every single surface each night when he brushes his teeth.  So totally worth it.  
Where we stopped yesterday:  Certainly not an "After" shot here, but progress made.  The flooring is done (in our room too!).  Still to-do:
~Run plumbing and electrical
~Put up final drywall sections
~Install shower pan
~Tile shower walls (this will be my first ever tile project, so please wish me luck)
~Make (yes make) sink base
~Prime and paint walls
~Make shower curtain 
~Cut giant hole in exterior wall (that we just put new siding on 2 years ago), and install a window

Just a tiny to-do list... 
I'll keep you posted as we move further.  Hopefully we're not far off from having an "After" to show you.  

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