Thursday, May 10, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Book swap...

by Alfred Eisenstaedt

My mom is way cooler than me, and therefore has way cooler toys.  She has been trying to get me over to the dark side and purchase a Kindle for months now.  I got my act together a while back and finally traded in my archaic Blackberry for an iPhone (still not as cool as my mom's though.  Mine is last year's model because I could get it for one dollar instead of a hundred of them), but I'm not budging on the electronic book debate.  I consider my household to be pretty "green," and not big participants in the forest-obliteration game.  We're not major paper wasters, and actually go to great lengths to find alternatives to many of our paper products.  But I just plain love the hell out of the paper pages of a book, because:

1.  Books give me a pre-bedtime break from lit screens (tv, computer, etc.) which they (whoever they are) say is an essential component to getting good sleep.  people who keep their eyeballs glued to a screen right up until the moment they close them have proven to have much more retched quality of sleep than those who give themselves a 30 minute break from the light before shut-eye.  It's to do with the light in the screens, and the way they trick your brain into thinking it's daylight, and that it's time to be up and about.

2.  I'm clumsy as hell, but I've yet to break a book while banging it around the inside of my purse.

3.  Sharing them is an awesome, frugal, way to give and gain knowledge and entertainment.  I know there's a way you can digitally share your Kindle treasures too, but it's just not the same.  When you share books with someone you get and give a present every time.  And you also get great insight into what your friends and family are into at the moment (comes in wicked handy when planning for other gifts down the road too).  Our copy of The Hunger Games is currently in the hands of a good friend of mine.  The Dirty Life is on it's way to my Step-Mom, and just the other day I got Animal Vegetable Miracle in the mail from my husband's cousin because she's been reading my blog and thought I'd love it.  How thoughtful is that?!   I give most of my chick-lit to my mom when I'm done with it (yes, even though she has her fancy-schmancy new Kindle), and she gives us all kinds of weird stuff to read that I never would have picked up otherwise, but end up liking quite a lot .  Have you ever read Sh*t My Dad Says?  If not, do.  It's hilarious.  She also gave us Go The F**k To Sleep, which you should look up and listen to it being read by Samuel L. Jackson.  Now that I think of it, my mom might just like to give me books that have swear words in the title so that I have to find creative places to put them now that my son can read quite well...

Side note: did you know that if you go to, and type just "the" in the search bar, The Hunger Games is the first thing that comes up?...and not just under the books category either... under All.  I just thought that was impressive.

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