Monday, May 7, 2012

Manic Monday: Being happy with where you are right now...

Remember back in high school when nothing happened fast enough, and everything you wanted was so far off in the very distant future it was pure agony?  Yes?  No?  Then all of a sudden you're a semi-grown-up person, and you've accomplished some pretty epic shit.  I'm sure my version of epic shit is very different than most peoples'. I'm quite sure that most ladies out there wouldn't consider  having a box full of chickens living in their spare bedroom a dream come true, or a major milestone to be checked off any sane person's bucket list.  It's some other woman's version of purgatory...  That woman is clicking down a Manhattan sidewalk in her Louboutins, carrying her $12 cup of mocha-frappa-chappa-foamy-caramel-hot-stuff, on her way to her office at one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world.  I know her, because that's what high-school-Me thought she'd be doing by now.

Sometimes you find that you're quite content with a lot less, and your life is a whole lot richer for it.

Oh, God, I just read how sappy and cliche that sounded.  And I apologize profusely as I gag a little for having written something like that... but it's true.  15 years ago, if you had looked into your crystal ball and told me that I'd be living in a house in constant need of repair with guy whose paycheck isn't worth the paper it's printed on, and a kid who likes Star Wars (I know, tisk tisk for me saying this, but I just never got into it), while turning my yard into farmland, being kept awake at night by my 2 snoring pitbulls an 15 baby chickens living in my spare bedroom, and that I'd actually be happy (!), you'd be unconscious, and your stupid ball would be broken.

Thank God high-school-Me went off to Manhattan.  I really can't imagine a better life for myself than what I'm lucky enough to have now... unless you have any tips on getting chicks to shut up at night.  If those little f*#kers could be quiet at night, then things would be so perfect I might puke a rainbow.    

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