Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Make-it-work-Wednesday: My not-so-junky "Junk" Drawer, and how you can have this awesomeness in your house too...

I firmly believe that every kitchen should have a junk drawer.  It's the place where everything from super-glue, to batteries, to scissors, Sharpies, outlet covers and flashlights can unite, and harmonize for the greater good of your home.  But I furiously dislike when this drawer is messy.  Do you want to stick your hand and a rat's nest of super glue and scissors?!  Well, I don't!  Good grief!  

Here's how I keep it looking like this (yes, ALL the time)...
1.  I'm armed with a drawer organizer, and I use it to it's full potential.  I don't push it all the way to the front or back of the drawer.  I allow it to "float" in the middle so that I can utilize the extra "compartments" that are made available In front and behind it (shown above where my burglar-beater flashlight lives).

2.  I take all batteries out of their packages so I can cut the clutter of the packaging and also have a clear view of how many of each kind I have left.

3.  I think those rubber-band balls are boat loads of fun to bounce around, but not so practical if you actually want to use your rubber-bands.  I keep mine contained in a baggie, so they're not pinging all lover the drawer, but I can easily find whichever size I want.

4.  I think it's OK to have a couple things in there that are not normally junk-drawer candidates.  For instance, I keep our  Epi-pens in there instead of in the bathroom with the rest of our first-aid supplies.  (Call me crazy, but...) I think it makes sense to have Emergency items close to where an emergency is likely to occur.  It's far more likely that my husband will come in contact with shellfish in the kitchen as opposed to in the shower (unless we have some truly scary creatures-from-the-black-lagoon incident bubble up in our shower, and in that case I think we've passed the point of an Epi-pen being our savior anyway).

5.  Duct tape is in the next drawer down, and also very well organized, and easily accessed.  So, with that handy addition I figure this drawer contains every single thing I could possibly need to MacGyver the hell out of anything in my house, wrap a birthday present, save your life, or beat you senseless.  Pretty cool drawer, huh?

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