Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday: Have some restraint...

want what you need...not need what you want.

The magazines and online media do a fantastic job of making you believe that you need to have new sandals this Summer, or that last year's bathing suit just won't do at the beach this season.  it's so easy to get sucked in too.  I'll tell you, there are 3 pairs of shoes, a pair of boots, 2 sweaters, and one t-shirt nestled in my wardrobe that I spent mad money on, can't imagine not keeping forever and ever, and I'm not even a tiny bit sorry about it.  BUT, that was when I still had my big-girl paycheck.  Just because it's going to last forever, fit you perfectly, and you'll feel amazing in it, doesn't mean you can afford to buy it today...   

by Stuart Weitzman

I can't even begin to describe how much I love these shoes.  They're this season's version, with a slightly more manageable heel height, than last season's (seen below on my favorite celeb).  They're also as much as my monthly car payment...and a week of groceries...

Jennifer Aniston shoes
Jennifer Aniston via
I can honestly say that the first few months of not having my own petty cash anymore were rough.  I had gotten very used to being able to have what I wanted as soon as I clicked buy, and it arrived a few days later, handed to me by the UPS man like a mid-year un-birthday present... sigh.  I can also now honestly say that since some time has passed, and I've settled into my new thrifty-er lifestyle, I don't miss the old open-wallet me one bit.  So, yes, I absolutely love those shoes, but, no, I'm not sorry I don't have them.  Not having them allows me to have something a wicked lot more valuable to me... the ability to be home with The Kid.

Warning:  if you spend a long enough period of time away from frivolous purchases, you may develop a wildly snobbish attitude toward those still making said cash-burning choices (except towards Jen.  She can still do no wrong in my book).  Once you see the light peeking through from the simple life, it's hard to go back...just sayin.'   

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