Monday, April 9, 2012

Manic Monday: There's a Tea for that...

When a Mom gets sick it's the equivalent of the captain of a ship becoming incapacitated.  It's not good.  Rough waters are surely ahead when the one most experienced can't be at the helm.  So I'm a big fan of good old preventative medicine.  I like to try and knock down whatever's trying to get me before it has a chance to take hold.  Basically, I feel that if I get it taken care of before I have to reach for the conventional medicine, I feel quite a lot better all around.  I ward off the worst of the ailment, and don't have to deal with any side effects of the medication.  I love the hell out of a few Advil when things get really tough, but it most cases, I try tea first.  Here's what I've found quite effective...     

I start 
drinking this stuff as soon as anyone else in my house has the first sign of a sniffle to give my immune system a little extra boost to fight off whatever's about to come my way.

This is totally amazing on a sore, scratchy throat.  I also use this one when I've been overzealous and gone out in chilly weather for a very brisk walk, jog, or snowshoe.  You know that ouchy feeling in your throat when you've overexerted yourself, and have been huffing and puffing freezing cold air for too long?  Well, this tea helps erase the consequences of my idiotic behavior.

This is their Christmas blend, but I try to keep it on hand all year.  It has ginger and peppermint in it, both of which are awesome for easing upset tummies.  It's tough to find in July though, so either stock up when you see it during the holidays season, or you can usually find plain peppermint, and plain ginger tea all year round.  You can either mix them together and recreate this one, or use them on their own. 

This stuff is terrifying, but extremely effective.  Fortunately, I've only had to use this once.  And I keep a box on hand, just in case, but it sits FAR back in the tea cupboard, as to not be confused for anything else and brewed on accident to ruin anyone's afternoon... 

***Disclaimer:  I'm not a medical professional.  I respect the hell out of those who are, but I would never in a million, tra-fillion years ever have the patience (no pun intended) to stay in school for that long.  So everything I just told you is how I, personally, choose to fix some of my minor ailments, and not what I would necessarily recommend for every single person on the planet.  As the boxes of tea themselves will tell you, it's not recommended for women who are pregnant or nursing to drink herbal (not-regulated by the FDA) substances, and it's advisable to see your actual doctor, as opposed to reading an urban farmer's blog, if you have a medical condition that persists, and is beyond the repairing abilities of a cup of tea.

Have a good, healthy day!
Photo Sources: Celestial Seasonings, Yogi, Stash Premium, Traditional Medicinals.

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