Friday, April 27, 2012

Farm-fresh Friday: This week this stuff happened...

Whew, what a week.
Despite the fact that they're being assaulted my snow-ish type stuff this morning, my flowers are coming back!  last Summer was my first attempt at planing a tiny perennial garden.  So this Spring was going to be the test to see if they actually were going to come up again for year two.  Yippee!

Joan RiversMy mom and I went to see Joan Rivers perform at the FLYNN theater last night.  For a solid hour I laughed so hard I thought my lungs might pop.  She's one funny old bitch.  So is Joan Rivers.  Ha!  Sorry Mom...  Seriously though, my mom rocks for going to this with me.  At what point does the transition take place where you go from being 16 and thinking your mom is the most embarrassing person on the planet, to sitting next to her, laughing like crazy at a 78-year-old woman dropping the f-bomb and talking about her sagging lady parts? I don't know when or how that happened, but it's pretty great.

  While dodging raindrops over the last couple days, I got a bit more done on the chicken coop.  You can see the edge of my sexy polka-dotted umbrella in the pics because it was doing this nasty wet snow/rain/soak-you-to-the-bone precipitation thing this morning while I was trying to take these shots...
Doors installed in the back for clean-out and nesting box access.

A room with a view... I guess I figured that the little cluckers might like to have a little daylight, and a view if the weather was yucky and they wanted to stay inside.  then i realized that their brains are about the size of a raisin, and they probably aren't going to care at all...but the window was actually the perfect width for the space, so there it went.
The Kid went and got himself a free afternoon off from school, and a fancy new shiner the other day.  Wasn't fighting...just clumsy...

And my dad came over last Sunday to help me frame in the little nook at the end of our hallway for a linen closet.
Drywall up, and door hung on Wednesday (I did that!!!).  Technically, it's a train wreck, but aesthetically, it looks pretty great, huh?!

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