Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Talk-it-out Tuesday: Book review

While everyone else on the planet is reading The Hunger Games right now, I'm reading this...
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I have to admit, I'm a tiny bit jealous right now of this author, Raleigh Briggs.  First of all, she lives in Seattle, which is my if-we-won-the-lottery dream.  But also because, if I were to have gotten my act together, done tons of research, and written a book, I'd have wished for it to turn out a lot like this one.  Maybe not so much in exact subject matter (that's why I'm reading her book...she knows about stuff that I don't), but definitely in writing style, humor, and aesthetics.  Since I'm pretty new to the whole Urban Farming movement, and am now becoming an active participant in it, I'm quite interested in how different folks approach their homesteading, DIY, gardening, homemaking, and natural-alternative-to-chemical-crap conundrums.  I  also greatly appreciate it when I find someone who will teach me about this stuff without making me feel like I'm the dull tool in the shed.  This chick was able to write a book about being a homemaker, using sustainable practices (without getting all in-you-face-Peace-rally about it), teach me some really helpful new tricks (which, in the age of Internet, is pretty hard to show anyone anything they haven't already seen before), and do it all in a writing style that was fun to read and didn't make me feel like she was talking down to me.  This one is definitely staying on my bookshelf, and will be forever saved from the Barnes & Noble resale pile.

PS:  When my husband puts down The Hunger games for 5 seconds, I'll steal it, and be able to review that one for you also...Oh wait, I don't need to, because everyone but my husband and I have already seen the movie.

PPS:  Just realized that my husband and I should probably put down our books for a minute or two and venture out into public... Nah!

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