Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Talk it out Tuesday: Why you have "Nothing to wear."

This is my idea of a perfectly paired down, and awesomely organized little wardrobe.  Photo source: houseandhome.com

Living a simpler life is all about making things easier on you, by making your day-to-day activities more efficient.  If you didn't have to think about what you were going to wear every day, wouldn't that free up tons of extra time you could be using for more productive ventures?  I'm not suggesting you become a nudist.  I'm suggesting that you take a good hard look at your wardrobe and figure out why, in a sea of clothing, you "Have nothing to wear."  I can honestly tell you that I am happier, more satisfied, and more comfortable in a wardrobe with way fewer pieces than I ever was when I had one of everything in my closet.  Once I got rid of the "fluff" in my closet and paired it down, I was shocked to find that I actually had more options rather than fewer.  By eliminating all the distractions, I was left with only pieces that I loved to wear.

The following are items that I considered "distractions" in my wardrobe, and have been dismissed:

~A straw fedora.  Seriously, I live in a state where everyone's favorite color is plaid.  This is not the venue to show off a fashion statement that, quite frankly, didn't work on me anyway.
~A pretty awesome houndstooth trench that was, unfortunately, ill-fitting on me in just about every area.
~A silk and lace top that was a weird combination between almost slutty, and almost too formal for any event I'd ever end up at.
~Most of my sky-high heels.  I kept my favorite few pairs for attending weddings, the once-a-year splurge date that Hubby and I go on, and...that's all I can think of for occasions where I'd risk getting my toes cold for fashion in Vermont.
~Any pair of jeans with a rise high enough to be even vaguely considered Mom Jeans, or low enough to be considered trashy teenager/trashy cougar jeans.
~Any dresses that were too short.  If your undies touch the chair when you sit, and you're not still in diapers, you're wearing something that's not even close to being appropriate.
~All of my floral shirts.  I LOVE a good floral, but I apparently have a horrible eye for the difference between Granny floral, drapery floral, and good appropriate-for-a-30-year-old-woman floral.  So I just steer clear all together now.
~Any tank tops with straps skinny enough that I couldn't accommodate my over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder under it.  Unless the breast-reduction fairy and the gravity fairy go out on a date together some night and decide to pop by my house for a little fun, I won't be needing those tanks.  PS:  I will happily yank out all my teeth and shove them under my pillow if the tooth fairy is willing to strike a deal with those other two fairies...  Dear tooth fairy, please start reading my blog.

What I'm left with are my favorite pieces that I feel comfortable in, fit me properly, and I like to wear.  there is no more, "oh, that would look good, but wait, I can't wear that because it makes me look huge (or washed out, or isn't comfy, or isn't age-appropriate), ugh, I have nothing to wear."

I Also do a clean-out twice (or more) a year to maintain the simplicity and functionality of it all.  Items that I haven't worn since the last clean-out, or that I'm no longer crazy about get sold to 2nd-hand shops, or donated to Goodwill.  I usually use the money I get from selling the clothes to either take myself to lunch or buy more clothes.  Before I make any new purchases though, I ask WWJAD What would Jennifer Aniston do?  Seriously, I want you to find a picture that captures her looking trashy, undone, overly trend-ridden, or inappropriate.  I don't expect that you'll find any of those, will you?

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