Friday, March 9, 2012

Farm Fresh Friday: Scheming a plan

It's pretty much time to put in my order for chicks and I'm SO not ready yet!!!
I have a dilemma...  I'm terrified of skunks.  Seriously, I'd rather have my leg gnawed off by an angry bear than be sprayed by a skunk.  And the shed that I was hoping to turn into this year's chicken house had a family of skunks living underneath it for the better part of last Summer.  With a little forethought, I could have taken care of this issue in the Fall by digging under the shed and putting chicken wire down into the ground all around the bottom to keep the skunks from returning this Spring.  But I didn't, and the ground is still frozen, so digging a trench for the skunk-keeper-outer wire is out of the question.

At this point I'd like to build a whole new coop elsewhere.  Probably not the most practical approach, but a girl can dream, right?  Like maybe about one of these wicked cool ones...?

This one has twinkle lights!!!

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  1. You wanna know what? Chicken Butt! You wanna know why? Chicken thigh! You wanna know when? A Hen!

    Sorry, I couldn't resist! Thanks for giving me chicken coop ideas :)