Monday, March 12, 2012

Manic Monday: Making time

Reality bites sometimes.  It bites particularly hard on the days when you feel frazzled, like you've been "busy" all day but you haven't gotten anything accomplished.  You've been there, right?  Those are the days where the to-do list is so long that you don't know where to start, so you just...don't start.  That's when reality comes along and smacks you with the fact that you actually have plenty of time to get at least a few of those things done, but you got so overwhelmed by the sum of all the parts that you caved.
Here's the fix...
*Break down your giant list*

Sure, go ahead and write an 8,743-item list.  After all, the dog does need to go to the vet, the vacuuming does need to get done, you do need to RSVP to that bridal shower, you do need to make a date with yourself to tackle your Muppet eyebrows.  But you don't need to get every single thing done in one day.

*Make sure your daily to-do list has only 5 things on it*

Have 2 items on there that are must-do items (wash your kids' laundry so they don't have to go to school naked tomorrow, and go to your OBGYN appointment), and have three items that are want-to-do items.  These are the items that aren't totally major, but need to get done at some point in the near future.  One of my want-to-do items today is to get a new mailbox put up.  It's not a have-to-do, but I'm sick of going to the Post Office to pick up my mail.  In a drunken stupor, the classy college student that's renting my neighbor's house, mowed over all 4 mail boxes at the end of our road sometime last Thursday night, and hasn't bothered to replace them himself yet.  True story.  I found 3 of them that were on one post on the other side of the road, up-side-down with the post till attached, sticking about 8 feet in the air.  Ours had been on it's own post and was also found across the road, in 2 pieces, with the post broken off.  No joke.  I was so impressed by the distance and epic landing achieved by all of the parts that I wasn't even mad until like 2 days later.  So today one of my projects will be to tootle down to the hardware store, pick up a new mailbox, and tape the receipt to the little munchkin's door with a friendly reminder to "grow the F up."  OK, no, maybe I shouldn't do that...but I'm probably going to anyway...

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