Friday, March 2, 2012

Farm-Fresh Friday: Winter Wonderland

Over this last week, Vermont was given a rather impressive heaping of new snow (finally).  Up until a few days ago, we'd spent most of the Winter tip-toeing around on what had become a statewide ice rink. Not only is the lack of snow and overabundance of ice scary to move around on, but it absolutely sucks for the state's economy.  Vermont is a tiny little state full of pretty happy people, but the economy and our jobs here rely heavily on tourism.  In the Spring, Vermont is famous for it's Maple Syrup production.  In the Summer we have picturesque, lush green mountains (after all, it is called "The Green Mountain state") for hiking on and a Ben & Jerry's factory to explore.  In the Fall we have our glorious explosion of bright orange foliage to peek at.  And in the Winter, it's all about the snow; Skiing, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, snowmobiling, you name it.

I know this is supposed to be a "Farm Fresh Friday" post, but since there's not much farming to be done in 18 inches of new snow, you can take a look at our snow instead...
The back yard (soon to be LOTS of veggie gardens) 1st morning of new snow
The back yard that evening
The back yard the next morning

The "view" from our front porch, first day of the storm
Way better view the next morning
This is what a happy dog looks like in a snowstorm...laying in front of the wood stove ALL DAY LONG.  This one is Martha, by the way.  She's the baby.
And this is what the other happy dog does.  This one is Marley.  She's the big sister.
And this is what very tolerant big sister dogs let baby dogs do during a snow storm
The Kid at the beginning of our snowshoe trek (first one we got to go on all year.  wicked excited about it!)
He was pretty impressed with himself for climbing up this bad boy.  And I have to say, after finally putting the camera down and trying it myself, I was pretty darned impressed with him also.
We found a deer house!  Those 3 bare spots under the trees are "beds" where  deer sleep.

 Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your weekend!

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