Monday, March 19, 2012

Manic Monday: making time for fitness

Here's a little something to motivate busy women (Moms) to make time to work out.  I could be mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that the Mom on this video has plenty of stuff going on in her life, and has obviously made time to keep herself physically fit...

I recently had an epiphany and realized that not sticking to my fitness routines had little to do with my schedule, and was mostly due to feeling unmotivated to climb back on the hamster wheel.  I have Workout ADD (along with just about every other form of ADD).  I get bored really easily if I try to stick with any one kind of fitness routine, which usually leads to me quitting.  So now I do something different each time.  One day I'll do a Jillian Michaels DVD.  The next day (since I must have enraged Jillian somehow because it feels as though she's struck me repeatedly with a baseball bat), I'll go for a brisk walk.  When I'm feeling like it's time to show Jillian who's boss, I'll Google "G.I. Jane" and watch a YouTube video of Demi Moore doing one-armed push-ups.  This usually motivates me to do some good old fashioned body weight resistance moves like sit-ups, tricep dips, and squats.  If you listen to some classic rock while you're doing this, you'll feel like a total bad-ass.  You'll look like an absolute moron, but you'll feel amazing, and that's what counts.
As scary as this looks, I can't help but have mad respect for this woman.
I have a goal in mind.  It's pretty simple.  I want to be able to do push-ups.  Real ones.  Michelle, Ellen, and Demi can do them, and I want to be able to do them too.  There's something very degrading about the person on the DVD saying to me, "and if this is too much for you, go a head and come down to your knees and do it that way."  No, Bitch.  You go ahead and do it that way.  I'm going to G.I. Jane that shit!

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  1. I got into a workout feeling like GI Jane. I'm pumped and roaring to go. . then I go and after 15 minutes, my chubby body is sprawled out on the ground like that scene from Adam Sandlers movie The Longest Yard. . .
    So I'm working on changing my bad habits and eating better. Someday, I'll be fit. .ish.

    1. i find that it's much easier to start out with the "beginner" version and feel good about being able to complete it than it is to push myself so hard that I'm doomed to feel like a failure. start with the GI Jane thing, but maybe only try 2 push-ups (I can still only do 4 while keeping good form, and I've been working at it for weeks now), and it'll feel awesome while you're cranking out those 2 push-ups, as opposed to feeling dreadful after not being able to complete 50 of them. 4 push-ups is still 4 more than i could do when I wrote this post...