Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New look for the new shop...

My Dad and I are starting work on the new shop space this morning (before-and-after photos to follow soon)!  

The shop space I'm moving into is teeny, itty-bitty, incredibly wee.   So I need to save on space wherever I can.  Streamlining my packaging seemed like an awesome place to start.  So now, with the exception of balms and perfumes, all of my products will be packaged in either these snazzy glass jars, or equally classy white bottles.  Behold!
So, even though a lot of my decision stemmed from a space-saving/efficiency standpoint, I also wanted things to be (even more) eco-friendly, more customer-friendly, and more me-friendly (meaning more simplified).  I had quite a few people mention to me that the lotion pumps were cute, but didn't get all the product out of the container.  Wasteful, eek!  So I decided to switch to jars instead of bottles for packaging the lotion (and a few other new products that are still in test-phase!).  And for the rest of the products that need to stay in plastic, like ones that are primarily used in the shower, they'll be in white instead of black.  The black packaging was sexy as hell, but an absolute nightmare to put labels on.  

Hopefully these changes will make it easier for folks to get every last little bit of product out of the container, as well as offer totally recyclable and reusable packaging options (and help me keep my sanity by making it much easier to store fewer types of packaging in a very small space).  I hope you like the new look!  

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