Thursday, January 17, 2013

Moving into the shop (days 4 and 5)...

Day 4:  Counter tops/cabinets painted, wicked cool old metal medicine cabinet stolen from my Mom's house, repurposed barn-board purchased from Mason Bros. in Essex (which coincidentally they got out of an old store), and a very cluttered hallway to my bathroom

Day 5: Some much-needed greenery added, salvaged wood counter front completed (still have to finish painting the cabinet legs), "office" area for packaging and shipping orders, the view from the back of the shop (you can see on the right where I used the rest of the barn-board as shelving for products), a better look at the wicked cool cabinet I stole from my Mom the day before, and the corner where a cozy chair will end up (if that monstrous boom box fits there, then a chair will be no problem).

Thanks for stopping by,

PS:  You can keep track of progress.  Here's Day 1, and Days 2-3.


  1. looks so good so far! love it :)

    1. Thanks! So glad to be done with the counter. Can't count the number of splinters still in my hands. Ha! Good thing I make lotion and healing balm!