Thursday, January 10, 2013

Moving into the shop (day 1)...

So, remember when I mentioned that the space I rented for the new shop space was tiny?  Well, here it is...
 Looking in from the front door
 Looking towards the front door (obv) from the back

Yup, that's it... Oh, and this charming little commode closet.
And here's your lesson in nastiness for the day...  Dear everyone, if for any reason you should move out of a dwelling and leave it vacant for a long period of time, please leave the toilet seat up (contrary to everything your Mother taught you, and everything I've taught the boys in my own house).  If you don't, then there is little to no air circulation under the lid of the toilet, and it will turn into an impressive science experiment of mold growth.  Dear Seventh Generation, your bathroom cleaner is freaking incredible, and I love you beyond words for helping me take the heebie-jeebies out of my new shop naturally!

PS:  is it frightening or funny that the fire extinguisher was next to the toilet?

PPS:  Going back this afternoon to work on constructing counters and putting up some shelving.  Progress photos to follow.

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