Saturday, January 12, 2013

Moving into the shop (days 2 and 3)...

So yesterday afternoon I finished up Day 3 of readying the shop space for an actual shop.  How's that poem go?  "Miles to go before we sleep..."  Really, that's the only part of it I know.  There was a very cute boy in my English class that semester and I really didn't learn much of anything (about poetry, that is).

Even though it seems so far away when I look at it right now in it's plywood and 2x4 state, yesterday was huge.  I actually moved everything shop-related out of my house and into the shop space.  My office at home seems barren and echo-y (but so FREE!).  Very great to have the 2 officially separated now.

DAY 2:  On Thursday evening my Dad and I had the how-much-sawdust-can-we-make-before-we-set-off-the-smoke-alarm-in-a-small-space contest.  By the way, we won.  We put a bag over the smoke detector while we were working.  Disclaimer:  putting a bag over something/someone's head is not a recommended way to win any other kind of contest...

Pretty great to have custom-height counter tops, and plenty of storage space for ingredients.

DAY 3:  The move.  It was jumping the gun quite a bit to move my stuff into the space before it was complete, but it was either that, or keep working out of boxes at home.  I'd had all my stuff packed up and ready to go, and then Hubby got a whopper of a cold (and then so did The Baby).  So things got delayed a bit with the get-stuff-done schedule.  It's OK though.  We're powering through.
Also pretty essential to get this pile-O'-boxes out of my living room...
...And pile them up in the shop instead!  But the sawdust is all cleaned up, which made it look all shiny and new, and ready to move into.   
 Also still to-do before I can start any major production projects:
~Hook up deep sink.
~Finish the counter tops
~Close in the front side on the counter that faces the door
~Paint the cabinets
~Hang some more shelving
~Get everything unpacked where I can use it.
Hopefully this weekend I'l be able to tackle the counter tops and the shelving.  Here's to reaching for the stars...

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PS:  You can keep track of progress.  Here's Day 1.

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