Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Too-cheap-to-buy-it Remorse...

Do you ever do the thing that's the opposite of buyer's remorse?  You know, the thing when you find something awesome, but convince yourself that it's a want, not a need, that it's too much money to spend, and/or that you could use that money for something else instead, and you go home empty-handed wishing you weren't so tight with your wallet just that one time?  Well, that happened yesterday to me with these pants...
American Eagle Outfitters pants
I tried these on yesterday at a 2nd-hand shop. Totally not my usual style(AE stuff is designed for teenage bods, which I definitely don't have, and therefore usually fit my 30-year-old bod rather poorly), and the cargo pockets gave me a bit more hip than I'd usually like to have, but they still looked pretty darned good, if I do say so myself. And they were insanely comfy. I settled on a few other pairs, and debated spending the dough on these also (a whopping $12.00), but decided against the additional "extravagance." This morning I woke up longing for them... I've found a pair on Ebay for twice the thrift store price, but by the time I drove the 2-hour round trip to the store and back (yes, I know, we need a better/closer thrift shop in my area), and maybe not even found them again, I'd make up the difference in price in gas money anyway. But still... Do I do it? Would you? Should I "Buy it now" or just suffer the loss and hope for another even better find to come along in the future?

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