Thursday, October 25, 2012

Black Houses, a "do?"

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If HOUSE 54 were to undergo a makeover, I'd hope like heck it would turn out looking an awful lot like this little gem. I've been trying to convince my mom that I should paint my house black.  Black?  You mean like a dark grey?  No, I mean black.  Like a creepy vampire cave.  Black like night.  Black like the neighbor's cat that annoys the crap out of me by stalking our chickens.  And just so you don't think I'm attempting to create a little Goth Cabana  here are a couple of other examples of wildly classy looking black abodes...
Black house

black exterior with white trim, wood flooring

So?  What do you think?

Sources: RUM, Apartment Therapy, & Desire to Inspire.

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