Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday free-for-all...

Gdiapers Little Gpants Diapers, Goosey Grey, Small
So, remember back when I went on my rant about The Baby not wanting to use the planet-friendly (and wildly expensive) gdiapers I bought him?  Well, unfortunately for him, it turns out that the 4-pack of disposable liners that I bought on Amazon a while back aren't returnable (even though the current listing says they are.  Wicked irritated about that one).  And since I hesitated in returning the covers, I still have them to use with the liners.  So he has 160 diaper changes to get used to them (or not), but I can't bare to waste the money.  I have to use them.

And since it's Friday, here's some other totally random stuff from around the World Wide Web that I found interesting...

~A place to add to the itinerary for near-future trip to NYC
~This soup looks so yummy and cozy for a cool Fall day
~Kudos to these celebs for having creative brains in their heads, and thinking of this clever idea
~Will someone please bring this little pup to my house so I can smooch it a billion times?

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