Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Growing out my hair...again...

So after looking back at my post about cutting my own hair, I got to thinking that my hair wasn't really so awful looking in my Before picture.  Ugh.  Note to self:  In the future, take a Before photo, and look at it BEFORE doing the cutting...  Now I know.

Anyway, The following Pintrest images have given me some inspiration on a few styles I might try as mine starts to grow back out.  Or if it's anything like the cycle of the last few years, it'll get to about photo #3, and go right back to #1, which, shockingly is even slightly longer than it is right now after a month of growing out from my clipper-happy moment of weakness...
#1ANTM model's pixie  #2hair
#3layers  #4bob
#5Sandra Bullock.  great hair cut  #6hair
I was at #5 about 6 years ago.  Behold, the evidence below in terrible self-shot photo taken on my solo trip to Bermuda (yes, really, I took myself on vacation to a tropical island.  It was before I met my husband, and I was bored).  Let it serve as my inspiration to have some discipline this time around and get past phase 3-4 (and maybe to get on my treadmill a bit more often...I was SKIN-NEE!).

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  1. Wow, I had forgotten how long your hair was! My rule is to not cut my hair until I have one week of wanting to cut it.

    1. Well...that's usually my rule too. Except...what I usually spend that week doing is looking at pictures of super cute short hairstyles. What I should be doing is spending that week looking at pictures of gorgeous long hair, and then see if I still want to cut mine after the week is up.