Sunday, August 26, 2012

Greeny-Meanie: Trials and tribulations with Environmentally friendly baby stuff (Cloth diaper edition. Yes, there will be others)...

everyday g's 6-pack
Dear gdiapers,
  Oh, how I want to love you...
I read countless reviews and after much deliberation decided on buying gdiapers for The Baby.  This decision was made, and so was the investment, before we even had a baby to put them on.  I settled upon them because they functioned the most like a disposable as any other cloth option, and I knew I was going to need simplicity or I wouldn't stick with them.  At 2am things need to be fast and easy.  There are both cloth and disposable inserts available for these particular diapers, and for eco-friendly, as well as financial reasons I opted for the cloth inserts.

We started using them on The Baby as soon as we brought him home.  The first one I put him in leaked out the side.  Figuring there was a learning curve, I stuck with it for a few days, changing slightly each time the way I put them on, put the insert in, secured them, etc.  They continued to leak EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Holy ol' rip my hair out, Batman!  wtf?!  So then I figured he just wasn't big enough for them yet.  The weight range for the Smalls I have is 8-14 pounds, and he was just shy of 8 pounds when we brought him home.  So, fine, I put them back in the closet, picked up some Seventh Generation disposables, and waited...

The other day I stepped on the scale at my mom's house with The Baby (yes, I'm the only woman in America who doesn't own a scale), and sure enough, he was 11 pounds.  Sweet!  guess what the first thing I did when I got home was... Yup, plopped him on the changing table and strapped him into a gdiaper.  Guess what happened about 15 minutes later...  screaming, unhappy, wet baby with pee on the outside of the diaper cover, and on his pant leg.  **me with smoke pouring from my ears Yosemite Sam style**  WTF!?

Surely not one to give up on something I've set my stubborn mind to...
I hop online and buy a package of the disposable inserts to try them out in comparison to the cloth ones.  They arrive lickety-split, and sure enough, they're way more absorbent, The Baby is way less pissed off, and they seem to work beautifully.  I should be thrilled, right?  Well, kind of, yes, but mostly, no.  I'm thrilled because it's at least a way more eco-friendly option than straight-up disposables, because they can be flushed, composted (without the poo), or tossed, and are completely biodegradable.  I'm completely bummed because it's still a disposable, costs about 1/3 more money per diaper change than the Seventh Generation disposables, and in the long run will cost me about a billion dollars (slight exaggeration) more than the cloth inserts would over the span of diaper-wearing years.

I already have covers and cloth inserts (still in their packages, thankfully) in the next size up, and am seriously (but with a very heavy heart) considering returning them...    

So what do I do?  What would you do?  What have you done in the past?

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