Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cutting my own hair... Not recommended...

I just did this to my a sleep-deprived state...with my husband's clippers...
Thanks Mom, for fixing the front so, at least from one angle, I look like I'm pulling off this cute pixie look, and am not planning on joining the military any time soon.
Jean Seberg
Jean Seberg (probably had enough class, and good sense to not do this to her own hair...)

After my mom did some damage control, and made it look pretty OK...

Dear readers, DON'T try to cut your own hair.  Just DON'T...but if you just can't help yourself, make sure that you call my mom up afterwards to fix the fact that everything is backwards in the mirror and it's damned near impossible to give yourself a good haircut.  Also, please take note of my husband's head in the photo here... He knows how to use clippers...I do not.

Three truths about cutting my own hair: 1) It felt way more terrifying, and way less bad-ass than I though it would to "G.I. Jane" my head, 2) I'm not nearly as sorry as you'd think I'd be that I did this, and quite like it now actually (now that it's had a couple weeks to grow into a pixie instead of a buzz-cut), 3) I will (in this particular case) stop being so cheap by trying to DIY stuff, and go see a professional next time I want a super short hair cut.

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  1. you look wicked cute. i love the family photo.

    1. Thanks! I haven't fully decided yet if this style is here to stay or not, but it's certainly an easy one to deal with now that my morning primping time has been cut way back (like to almost nothing).