Friday, June 1, 2012

The rest of the chickens are outside! A preview of next week's series! And some Friday free-for-all...

My little egglettes are outside!!!  
 This is Rosie at 1 week, and now at 4 weeks old, giving me the same skeptical, disapproving look.

And because it's Friday, and because it's my blog, and I can do what I want, here's a complete change of subject mid-post...
I made this!  It Rocks!  And it's currently for sale here!
Most of my close family and friends know that I have been working for the better part of 2 years now trying to come up with the latest and greatest work-from-home scheme. I've had some pretty awesome luck, some awfully bad luck,  some great ideas, some very terrible ones, and I've learned a wicked lot along the way.  So next week, I'll be starting a series about how to (and how NOT to) supplement your petty cash by making and selling your own wares.  Things we'll chat about:
~Pricing your goods
~Legal mumbo-jumbo
~Avenues to get your stuff seen
~If it's OK to turn a hobby into a job
~and more.

Stay tuned!

And because it's still Friday, and it's still my blog, and I can still do whatever I want on here, here's another complete change of subject, and some fun stuff to bring on the weekend...
~Nice, simple nursery with a wicked cool little chandelier.  Their whole house is pretty great, actually.
~Classier chickens than mine
~And a Friday Funny for you...

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