Friday, June 15, 2012

Paddle-board love...

My favorite celeb working on that rockin' bod with some Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP).  Photo found here.
The most recent issue of our local weekly publication, Seven Days, had an article on the very thing I've been wicked wanting to try.  Apparently this Hawaiian-born sport has reached Vermont, and has more than just me a bit curious.  Local sporting goods stores are having trouble keeping Paddle boards in stock now, and (lucky for me) lots of places are now offering classes and demos.  So guess who's going to be finding herself a SUP class this Summer?!  This girl!

I'm fantastically excited about this.  It was all the rage on the west coast over the last few years (which means that by the time it's reached Vermont it's already not cool back in Cali).  But who cares.  It's new and exciting here, and it's supposedly one of the most awesome ab workouts you can find yourself, (and!) you get to be out on the water!  Holy crap!  does it get any better?!  Who is this Hawaiian genius that figured out how to make exercise fun?!  You are a true hero, whoever you are...

I'll let you know how it goes when I find myself a lesson group.  Hopefully I'll be back soon to tell you that I'm as in love with the sport itself as I am right now of just the idea of it.  And hopefully if I do fall in love with it, the prices of the boards drop significantly by the time I've finished my lessons...

PS:  If you're Santa (you rock for taking time out of your Summer Vacation to read my blog, and...) this is what I want for Christmas this year (or 4th of July, if you're finding yourself with some spare time in your off-season).

While we're on the subject of fun-in-the-sun, and since it's Friday, here's some other Summery goodness to get you revved up for the nice weekend we're in store for...
~Did you know that sunscreen is only good for about a year?  You should be buying more now, if you haven't already this season.
~I'll be getting myself this t-shirt if I make it through a class.
~The perfect beach braid (for 3 Summers from now when my hair's finally long enough).
~A good simple, and surprisingly flattering bikini option if you're on a budget.  The top and bottom are only $20.00 (Not each, but total!).  I know they're probably not the highest quality, but it'll sure make me feel less devastated if I happen to forget to pack it on the trip back home from the beach than I would if I were to lose, say, this one, which will run you abut $70.00 (on sale from over $90.00) for each piece, not the whole shebang.  So if you're off to a topless beach, then it might be affordable, but I'm sticking with the full set for way less money, and no guilt if it gets lost in the shuffle.     
~And to help get you into that teeny-tiny bikini, pick any one of these, and do lots of planks...Sorry

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend,

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