Monday, June 18, 2012

Manic Monday: First full week of Summer vacation...

How was everyone's weekend?  Did all the Dads in your life get a proper thanks?  We had "The Dads," as we call them, over for diner last night for a combo happy-dad-day/happy-b-day-for hubby party.  The Husband and I both turned 30 this year and had about the most low-key 30th birthdays anyone could possibly have.  Therefore they were perfectly celebrated, according to us.  He got me a t-shirt, and I got him a coffee mug.  Done.  So in good low-key fashion, the Dad's portion of the celebration was pretty mellow also.  My dad brought over all the pictures he'd taken on his last couple Habitat for Humanity trips, and we all sat around our living room while he narrated his slideshow.  The pictures were awesome, the fact that he's traveled the globe to do really great work for an incredibly selfless cause is awesome, and sitting in my living room with 3 generations of my family watching the modern-day version of a slideshow together was so much more than awesome.  I know that parents are supposed to be proud of their kids, but I think it's pretty great when a kid can be proud of their parents.  The stories my Dad tells when he gets home from his trips are neat, but seeing the pictures of what he's doing to help people makes me hugely proud of him.

So after a good, satisfying, relaxing weekend of family fun, cake, and picture shows, I'm about to embark on a mega busy week.  So please forgive me if my posts happen to get sporadic this week.  It's going to be my first full week of Summer vacation as a stay-at-home mom.  Today we have the closing on our house (again.  this time for the refinance).  And thanks again to The Dads for all their help to make that possible.  Then Wednesday is my weekly farmer's market.  So I have to spend tomorrow making more product for it, as well as making a new door (as in, not a sheet of plywood) for my egg-bird run.  My mom-in-law rocks and got The Kid signed up for a week of swimming lessons, starting today.  So we'll be carting him back and forth to those all week.  Not a moment too soon either, because my Dad brought me over the loaner kayak last night so The Kid and I can go play with it this Summer (SOOOOO excited to get back out on the water again!!!).  And I'm exactly one month away from our yearly mini get-away to the beach (this is the first year that I haven't been a total chunker during our trip, so I'm pretty happy about that), and figured that I could amp up my workouts a tiny bit, and earn the rights to actually wear a bikini this year (it's already purchased, by the way.  Thanks Mom for hitting up the Old Navy sale for me the other day.  Now the pressure's on).  So those slightly longer toning sessions need to be squeezed into the schedule somewhere also.  Wish me luck on my first week of trying to pull off what every other stay-at-home Mom has been making look easy for decades...

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Bikini top and bottom from Old Navy.      

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