Friday, June 8, 2012

Farm-Fresh Friday: pause in the Series, and some Friday free-for-all

Sorry for the pause in the Series.  Had a couple mega-busy days these last few days, and up until right now, haven't sat down at my computer once since Wednesday morning.  Yikes!  So I'll go ahead and finish up the rest of the Mama-Business series next week, and we'll have a bit of fun, 'cause it's Friday...

Studio Shed bills its design as "a turnkey studio for your backyard," with standard features such as corrugated steel roof, clerestory windows, glass door, lighting and denim-insulated walls finished in your choice of painted drywall or birch paneling. The 10-by-12-foot Lifestyle model pictured here, installed in Northern California, starts at $10,750, plus shipping (starts at $750) and installation (starts at $1,200 for a certified pro).
Someday it would be pretty fantastic to have a little spot like this in my back yard to call my "office."
Some more eye-candy for you from around the web...
~This lady makes beautiful hand-painted wares.  I'm particularly obsessed with this coffee mug
~The perfect vacation sandal.
~A totally wonderful apron that's on my "wicked-want" list.
~And something that only "Friends" fans will get, but if you are one, you'll laugh out loud when you see this scene replaying in your head...
It's Joey!
Neither do I, Joey...Neither do I...

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by,

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