Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Birthday reflection...

Today is my birthday.  They're not too exciting anymore, but I'm still always happy to get another one.  So I feel like birthdays are good days to take stock.  What made this latest rock-ride around the sun different than the last?  Did I do anything I'm proud of?  Anything I'm not?  Am I where I thought I'd be, a year from the last time I had this reflection?  Well...

In the last year I:
~Adopted a baby.
~Learned that The Kid is the world's greatest big brother.
~Got chickens.
~Had my first full year without a big-girl paycheck.
~Started my own company in the hopes of someday having a big-girl paycheck again.
~Learned that business is not "just business," and will probably always be personal to me.
~Met some amazing people, and made some great new friends when I got my booth at the Farmers' Market.
~Started taking Yoga classes.
~Started running more (than one day a month).
~Had to take a break from driving for Meals on Wheels.
~Got to watch my husband grow the most epic Wintertime beard since I've known him.
~Got accepted as a vendor at Renegade, and went on an adventure to Brooklyn.
~Bought The Kid a pair of Elton John-esque sunglasses that he rocks out pretty well, if you ask me...

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