Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Welcome back! (to me)

Well hello there blog friends that I never actually see, but have missed oh-so-much over the last month.  How's things with you?  We've had a bit of a wild ride here at our house since you've heard from me last.  I promised you a big announcement when we last spoke, and I feel like I'm going to come through swimmingly for you...

We adopted a baby!

 We'd been waiting for about a year and a half.  So it wasn't like we didn't know a phone call was coming soon, but it definitely went from 0-60 in a crazy hurry.  The Baby (as he''l be referred to as from here on out in my posts) had already been born when we got our phone call.  So within a week we got our news, drove a good 8 hours south of our comfort zone, picked up a newborn baby, spent a ridiculous amount of time and money taking in the novelty that is Target in a major metropolitan area, camped out in a hotel with him for 5 days until both states agreed that we could make him a Vermonter, then drove about 10 hours back home (stops for feedings and diaper changes make trips a tad more lengthy), and began our existence as new zombies parents.
The Kid is a tiny bit excited about The Baby...
So, definitely more on this subject to come in future posts.  Also to come in future posts:
~Why I will eat my words about being frustrated that more people don't post specific detail about their adoption process trials and tribulations (spoiler alert, I figured out why, and it has to do with being totally terrified of the information you share coming back to bite you in the hiney, and ruin everything... notice the severe lack of posts from me over the last month).  
~My reviews (both good and evil) of baby products.  Keep in mind that it was 8 years ago when I did this the last time, so there's some pretty neat (and not-so-neat) new stuff out there today.  
~Some unkind, and some hilariously funny comments, and situations that have unfolded due to significant lack of sleep.  The photo below captures one of them...
~And some interesting developments in the chicken coop over the last month also.  Does anyone want a rooster?

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  1. omg! Love! Congrats! I cant wait to read your baby posts. He (?) is so cute and I just love the pic of your kids together!

    1. thanks! Yes, he's a He. I guess I forgot to mention that. whoops! I told my good preggers friend about your Two Ts blog. Best (most honest) pregnancy writing I've read in a long time. hope she finds you.

  2. You look gorgeous! Adoption = all of the emotions and none of the bodily issues.

    1. having a baby w/o getting pregnant is definitely the way to go for me. ha! some women totally love being pregnant...I'm not one of them. I got one wicked amazing kid that way, and that was good for me. pretty darned cool to be able to be back on the treadmill the same week we brought our baby home this time around :)