Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Changes to "Open Shop" hours...

I've decided to make some temporary changes in my shop hours.
After the whistle blows on today's workday, Open Shop Hours will be done a little differently until about mid June.  Basically they'll be by appointment and/or whenever you drive by and the "OPEN" sign is on the door.  "But you JUST opened!" you're all yelling.  Well, yes, BUT I opened a workshop for the production of my products which also happened to have a retail area in it where folks can pop in and buy goodies.  And since my shop moved out of my home, I've been able to get wild amounts of work done in pretty short amounts of time.  And since about 95% of my dollars come in from online sales and wholesale accounts, there's not really much sense in me hanging out at the shop if I'm done my workload for the day.  

So here's the deal... If you live locally and have a hankering for some wicked awesome lotion, or some crazy-good perfume to make you feel on top of the world, then hop on facebook, or shoot me an email, and say, "Hey lady!  I need some of that stuff you make!"  And since I'm super cool, I'll say, "okey doke!  I can meet you at my shop whenever is convenient for you."  And by all means, feel free to pop in if the sign's on the door when you're driving by.

Oh, and on a slightly different topic, some new fragrances will be introduced to the line in the coming weeks.  Super excited!  Can't wait for you to try them!    

PS:  The random photo of the plant is simply because I'm so impressed with myself for having this one at the shop for a full 4 months now and not killing it!

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