Monday, April 29, 2013

Self Employment Paychecks...

I am officially the worst boss ever.  And since I'm my company's only employee, I am directly punished for any upper-management issues.

Up until yesterday, I hadn't been paying myself.  See...told you...worst boss EVER.  I factor my pay into my pricing, so, theoretically, I should be giving myself a cut of every sale.  But I don't.  I end up reinvesting it back into the business.  It buys entry fees to shows, labels, packaging, new ingredients to try out.  But those things are factored into my pricing also.  So I've essentially been cheating myself out of my own paychecks to help build up the business's bank account.  Because there's a ridiculously fine line between personal and professional for the small business owner, there are times when this behavior is OK.  But it's not OK to do ALL the time.

So yesterday, I took out $120 and took myself shopping.  I know, big spender, right?  But I do most of my shopping at 2nd-hand shops so that I can still get high quality stuff for way less money.  And also, because I just read this article that totally horrified me.  So I didn't want to spend my hard-earned dollars supporting companies that treat their employees that way.

Anyway, here's what I came home with... (the dog was already mine, but wouldn't get off the clothes)
From left to right:
~J Brand jeans for $35.00, retail for $202
~Banana Republic jeans for $18.00, retail for $90
~Franco Sarto sandals for $39.99, retail for $69
~Martha who has cost us a freaking boatload over the last 2 years.  Absolutely zero bargain with that one, other than her insane cuteness.
~American Eagle shorts for $12.00, retail for $39.95
~Oscar de la Renta sunglasses (not pictured due to Martha's inability to not break things) for $9.99, found a sale price of $70 online.  who knows what the original outrageous price was.

Considering that, if I had bought all those things at retail cost, they'd have totaled up to $470.95, I'm pretty pleased with what my first paycheck bought me.  Martha is very pleased with all of it as well, which is, of course, what matters most.

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  1. pay yourself, pay yourself, pay yourself! Its great motivation to keep working. Do it...every week. You dont have to spend it you can always put it in a personal savings account but do it. Really! Pay yourself first.

    love your buys :) SCORE!

    1. the worst part is that, right after posting this, I realized that I actually only paid myself $50, and the rest came from selling baby clothes back to Once upon A Child. Ha! lesson learned... Paychecks will be much more frequent from now on.