Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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This is the time of year in Vermont when the tourists start to go back home, the locals are all shut in their sugar houses boiling up a storm to make the last of the season's syrup, and there aren't any other major holidays for a good long stretch.  In other words, it's a SLOW time in the world of retail.  So these are the times that usually start the "dream" discussions.  You know, like when you look at your husband and say something like, "what if we converted the woodshed into a studio space, so I didn't have to pay rent at the shop anymore, and I could be home again?"  Usually when I say things like that, I get "the look."  You know the one...the did-you-do-drugs-today look.  So imagine my shock when he said, "OK."  I think that may have actually be worse than if he'd just told me no.  At least then I could have saved myself the time that I've instead wasted, falling into the rabbit hole that is Pinterest, collecting images of "backyard studios."  I dare it.  You'll want one too.

OK, so, seriously, it would probably cost me many years worth of rent to take the dilapidated chunk of lumber in our backyard that we currently call a woodshed, and turn it into a usable workshop.  And the whole point of me moving the business stuff out of the house in the first place was so that I could concentrate and get stuff done without being my usual overbearing self and interfering every time the baby whined.  BUT, my idea didn't fall on deaf ears either.  Hubby's been wanting an excuse to turn part of the shed into a pottery studio for a while also.  And having a space that was detached from the house would mean that I could be home, but not within earshot of the goings on in the house.  I think, basically, we both have dreams of having creative spaces, but never really put those projects as high-priority items on the to-do list.
guesthouse outbuilding by roji
Perhaps one of these wildly cute little places would be welcome addition to our property in the future?  A girl can dream, right?

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