Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Santa Baby: Gift Guide for her (me)...

I'm always blown away by the gift guides in magazines this time of year.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's a wildly fantastic gaggle of gifts ideas they come up with, but I always find them just a tad unrealistic for me.  Maybe you'd buy your Mom a $275 candle, but, not me.  Sorry Mom.  Yes, you're worth it.  But the penny-pincher in me would silently scream every time you lit it, like you were slowly melting away a bar of gold or something.  So I came up with my own gift guide this year.  This is the type of stuff I feel you can't go wrong with (at least for me, anyway)...

1.  A timeless, yet unique clutch (and this one in particular is surprisingly inexpensive, and completely handmade).
2.  A cozy flannel.  This one has some cool detail that makes it a bit more nifty than your standard button-down option.
3.  Any pair of low-heeled, rugged-tread boots is a friend of mine.
4.  I can't have enough scarves, and this one supports a great cause also.
5.  Yes, I make my own perfume, but that doesn't mean I'm not still intrigued by the ones others make also.  This one and this one, both by MCMC Fragrances, are on my short list of ones to try.
6.  A little pampering, like from this handmade mud mask, is always a welcome gift.
7.  A new Yoga mat.
8.  A super sweet skull to sit on my mantel. 
9.  A new set of dishes, because we can't seem to stop chipping pieces off the ones we have.
10.  Seriously, Folks, you have no idea how difficult it is to find a not-creepy Gnome.  This little guy passes the test and would look awesome in my garden next to Alice, my lavender plant.  Yes, the lavender plant is named Alice.  She came to me already named from the farmer I purchased her from last Summer.  One part very odd, and 2 parts completely awesome.

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