Saturday, May 25, 2013

Simplifying: Taking stock of the STUFF in your life...

There's been a lot of chit-chat in my house recently about finding our dream piece of property and building a new house.  Giant garden, small house.  Simple...  But all this talk has me thinking a lot about our stuff.  Building a new home sounds exciting, moving everything into it does not.  So when I went down into the basement this morning to do a load of laundry, for the first time in a long time I just stopped and looked around.  We have a boatload of STUFF.    

Just to clear something up, I'm not viewed as a great collector of stuff.  My mother is forever accusing me of not being sentimental enough, because I get rid of things that should mean something to me.  I'm famous for taking carloads of my belongings to Goodwill and never having a twinge of regret.  But somehow it still accumulates.  And this morning it gave me a good reality check about excess.  Excess crayons, chairs, rolls of wrapping paper, food storage containers, sets of sheets, kid's toys, boxes of fabric scraps waiting to be made into a quilt that will probably never come to be...

This gives me a whole new perspective on shopping.  If I think it would be more trouble than it's worth to pack it up and move it to a new house, then I probably don't need to be bringing it home in the first place.  So, this weekend, I'm taking this gift of clearer, unbiased vision, and taking stock of my stuff.  If I wouldn't be sorry to leave it behind, or if it's been in the same box, untouched since we moved here 5 years ago, than it's going in a pile.  That pile of stuff will be sold off and/or given away.  Then if we stay in this house forever, it'll be a cleaner one to live in, and if we move, we'll have less stuff to deal with.  Win-win, if you ask me.  Clutter be gone!

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