Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Natural pain relief...

I'm a tad addicted to learning about new ingredients, and the concoctions I can create with them.  But I'm a one-woman show here at House 54.  So not everything that I make can go into production for the company.  Some of it is just made in tiny one-jar batches, to satisfy my curiosity, and give me and my family a new jar of goo to play with.

One of those recent curiosities is Arnica.  It's a plant in the sunflower family, and has been used for centuries for pain relief.  Supposedly, it can relieve pain from sprains, bruises, and muscle soreness.  I was admittedly skeptical of the claims, but intrigued enough to want to try it out.  So I've had some Arnica-infused oil for a while now that I've been tinkering with.  Up until recently though, my batches of All-better-balm, or whatever you want to call it, were coming out pretty lack luster.  

Apparently yesterday's muscle pain was the motivation I needed to make the ultimate concoction though.  Between being dragged around my lawn like a rag-doll while my dogs chased my neighbor's cat, and an unreasonably strenuous workout, I had pretty perfectly sore muscles to use as test subjects.  So I finished my batch, and hesitantly slapped a bit of the new goo on my bod.  This is always the part where I'm hopeful, but wince a bit, because I'm not quite sure if whatever new ingredient I just tried out will be the one thing that finally burns my skin off.  As an added, super fun bonus, the cream I made turned out a really magically weird color, sort of like if you mixed an avocado with traffic-control-vest yellow.   So it added a whole other element of terror to the trial.  Well, let me just tell you, HOLY-WICKED-AWESOME-INSTANT-RELIEF-OF-THROBBING-MUSCLE-PAIN, Batman!!!

So I really have no idea if this is something that the general public would be interested in having.  I may just have a few jars of florescent yellow goo in my medicine chest at home.  But this stuff is so amazingly awesome that it may need to go into production.  Your thoughts???

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