Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nursery Themes...

Did/does your baby's room have a theme?  When The Kid was born I had in mind this whole tropical island theme.  I  made him a blanket with palm tree patterned fabric and painted the whole room a bright Caribbean water blue/green.  It was completely bizarre because every time I walked in the room is was like walking to the bottom of a swimming pool.  Definitely too much of a good thing.  So ever since then I've been kind of anti-theme for baby rooms.  I'm even kind of anti-baby-stuff for baby rooms.  I know that sounds strange, but I have my reasoning.  Babies don't stay babies forever, and it's cool when I don't have to paint and redecorate every year.  I learned my lesson on this one after buying numerous bedding sets with various favorite-this-second characters on them for The Kid.    

This time around, for The Baby, I had in mind a no-theme-whatsoever-but-sort-of-eco-eclectic-mix-of-new-and-old-things type of room.  These were my favorites of my Pinterest finds...
baby room
Bright, but not blinding color (lesson learned), and simple furnishings.  And I have a fondness for that chain of elephants in the back corner.
simple and sweet little nursery.
I'm not a huge fan of the chalkboard paint (those parents will figure out when their baby becomes a toddler that leaving chalk in a room with a carpet, nicely upholstered chair, and other non-chalk-friendly walls is not a spectacular idea), but I really like the mod crib with the antique bureau, and neutral colors.  
Small nursery
I liked this one because it's teeny-tiny like ours, and because that chair looks amazingly comfy. 
And when you have 3 days instead of 9 months to throw together a nursery, this is what you end up with...
When my mother-in-law walked in and asked, "are you going to put any baby things in here?" I knew I hit at least one of my goals of it being a room to grow in.  PS:  I put a baby thing in there... The Baby.
So the walls are totally baron, which I don't love, but other than that it's OK for a room thrown together at a moment's notice with completely repurposed items.

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