Friday, August 24, 2012

Summer-to-Fall wardrobe help...

I'm a huge fan of wardrobes that laugh in the face of seasonality.  For instance, I just bought myself a pair of cropped jeans at the tail end of Summer.  Why?  because I can wear them even when the temperatures drop by trading sandals for what my son calls my "Obi Wan Kenobi boots."
Cropped jeans, Summer to Fall
I also (finally) found a Chambray shirt.  I've been on an incredibly long search for one that was just the right color, came down low enough to cover enough of my rear that I could wear it with leggings, but not too enormous that it would look like a denim jumper from 1993.  For something that's very "in" right now, you'd think it would have been way easier to pin one down, but not so much.  Anyway, now that I have one happily hanging in my closet I'm wicked excited for it to get chilly out so I can rock it more often, but Mother Nature's been coming through for me pretty well over this last week with her cooler temps.  Thanks, Mama Green!

Charbray Summer to Fall

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