Thursday, June 6, 2013

Wide open spaces...

I'm about half way through this book, and the more I read, the more I dream.  The same thing happened when I read The Dirty Life.  Hubby and I have been pretty firmly on board with the grow-your-own-food movement for quite some time now.  It doesn't mean that we don't still get take-out, but it means that we think more about what we're eating, and how it got to our plates.  And it plays a huge part in our search for a new home.  The property we have now is the perfect size for urban farming.  It's just right for growing veggies and raising chickens.  But we want a massive garden, more chickens, lots of fruit trees, bees, some berry bushes, a couple pigs, and maybe even a cow.  I also want to be able to start growing a lot of the ingredients I'm using in my products, instead of having to buy them from other people.  So the search is on for a new, slightly less urban, and quite a bit bigger, but not unmanageable for 2 people, homesteading property.  Shouldn't be too hard to find, right?  Vermont is known for its picturesque, rolling farmland.  Meadows dotted with black and white cows are what sell postcards that no one even mails anymore.  But this land doesn't come up for sale very often.  And when it does, it's usually thousands of acres, and being sold with the entire working farm.  This is not only way more than Hubby and I can handle on our own, but it usually puts the price tag somewhere around a small mansion in the Beverly Hills.
A different photo of this place was pictured in one of my previous posts, and I just discovered, is up for sale... for the bargain tag of 2.9 million.  Folks, that's a whole boatload more lotion and perfume to sell.

So this afternoon we're supposed to be going to take a look at a property that's quite a bit smaller than the one in the photo, but larger than the one we have right now, and most importantly, nowhere even remotely close to the million dollar price range.  Fingers painfully tightly crossed right now that it works out...

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