Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Short hair. I need it...

Ugh.  I just can't...

Every single time.  I tell myself I'll grow my hair out, and have pretty beachy waves, and everything will be blissful.  It's true to a point.  If I did manage to get my hair past my shoulders, then I'd actually have pretty epic hair.  It's one of the very few features on my bod that I can confidently say rocks pretty hard.  But I just can't function as soon as it starts touching my neck on a hot day.  I've made it farther right now than I have in years.  It's past my chin, and long enough for a pitiful ponytail.  So that's what happens with it every single day now.  It gets all pinned up off my face and off my neck, and ripped out of my forehead by the endless pulling from bobby pins.  What's the freaking point?!  Seriously, some chick somewhere is screaming at me right now, because she spends hours a day trying to get her hair to do that effortless (ironically) undone, natural wave look, and mine does that on it's own when it's long, and i'm going to do this to it...

2 weeks from now, I'll have a date with my hairdresser, and the ballance of the Universe can be restored.  My husband can have his wife back, instead of this wacko that goes all Jim-Carrey-floppy-freak-out every time her hair touches her neck.  And, as a mega added bonus, the baby will no longer be able to grab chunks of my hair while riding in the Ergo.  Sold.  Done.  Game over.  Locks be gone!

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  1. hahahha short hair is so nice, I dont know why we keep growing it long either. My hair can be nice long, if I blow dry it or let it stay down while it air dries but like you I need to get it out of my face/neck and the baby starts grabbing. I saw a photo of me from 2 years ago when it was about chin length and I got jealous of that hair....maybe its time for a chop on this end too!