Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Workout Wednesday: Portion control...

Dear Food,
I love you.

I don't "diet."  No, let's put it this way... I WON'T "diet."  I will use portion control as a tool to help me eat a little less of what I love, but I won't do the following:

~Any diet that says that I can't have cookies, bacon, cheesecake, bread, butter, pasta, or General Tso's Chicken.  I'm like a toddler when it comes to my food.  If you tell me I can't have it, that's the thing I'm going to want more than anything.  But if you tell me, sure, no problem, have a brownie, then it's not going to seem like such a big deal, and I won't be so inclined to freak out at some point, and eat the entire pan of them in one sitting.  I'm not saying that a breakfast of cookies and bacon is the way to go for a healthy body (although that would be fantastic).  What I'm saying is that if you deprive yourself of the things you love, then you're going to end up resenting your diet, and relapse into your old habits in no time.

~Any kind of juice cleanse that promises that I'll drop 15 pounds in a week.  First of all, that's not a healthy amount of weight to loose in that period of time.  You're going to shock the beejezus out of your internal organs, your skin, and your brain by doing that.  Second... Do you remember back when celebrities started doing interviews and telling the general public all about their cleanses?  Well, I do, and it was awful.  Seriously, I used to think the Demi Moore was about the hottest thing EVER to grace the face of our great planet.  Now, all I can think of when I see that scene in Charlie's Angels where she's walking out of the water with her surf board in hand, and a totally epic bod is, "I hope her Kindle was charged up for all the time she spent on the toilet before that scene was shot."  Not cool.  Please, everyone, if you want me to continue thinking you're super hot, don't, for the love of God, make me picture you on a toilet.

Basically, I eat what I like, but don't eat giant portions of it.  And it also helps to, whenever possible, eat the homemade version.  The less processed garbage that's in your food, the better you'll feel.  But if you want chips, eat chips, but eat 5, not the whole Super-Bowl-Party-sized bag.  Then you've satisfied your craving for Doritos, but don't have to go run for 7 straight hours to burn off the calories you just consumed.

PS:  I think the no-carb diet is terrible for you. Good carbs give you energy.  No carbs makes you skinny, but lethargic and weak.  Skinny is the end goal that some people have.  But "skinny" is totally different than "healthy" if your skinny self has no energy, and doesn't have the upper body strength to lift your car keys.

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