Friday, July 6, 2012

Studio space inspiration...

Perfumer Anne McClain   Photograph by Lianna Tarantin
Perfumer Anne McClain Photograph by Lianna Tarantin
Her work space is my inspiration for my new "studio."  Simple, functional, and clean.  My favorites.  She, however, has a massive space in comparison to the one I'll have to work with.  Basically the only "room" in my entire house that can be freed up to be turned into my "studio" is the closet in our office (now you see why studio was in quotes?).  But since I've been starting to do OK at this whole lotion, soap, and now perfumery thing, it would be really swell to have a space other than the kitchen counter that I can use to create my goodies.  Especially since my husband is a cook, and would greatly appreciate having his kitchen back for the preparation of actual edible creations.  Even if it's just a tiny closet-turned-studio space, it'll be mine, and it'll be fantastic to have my work space and supplies all in one space.  This it what it looks like currently, in it's Before state...
It's currently my storage place for fabric scraps and sewing supplies (hence the creepy mannequins on the right), as well as all of my Ecolosophy stuff, which has (shamefully, since I pride myself on my OCD organizational skills) spilled out onto the floor now that I'm making weekly treks to the Farmers' Market and need to schlep my stuff back and forth (and don't always feel like unpacking it all when I get home).
Things I feel are essential for a happy work space:
~Shelving that's both functional and interesting to look at.
~A place to organize and streamline all my packaging.  Eastfield Village (pictured below in #2), totally has theirs right, as far as I'm concerned.
~Easy-to-clean work surface that's at a height I'm comfy standing in front of
~A place to sit in case I get sick of standing
~Nifty lighting
~Something entertaining to look at
My studio space inspiration board
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  

Wish me luck.  I'll be starting on it this afternoon.  Progress pictures to follow on Monday.

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