Monday, July 9, 2012

Mini-Studio make-over...

On Friday I told you all about a project I was planning on knocking out over the weekend, and promised you progress pics.  Well, Folks, when I decide to make changes in my house, I don't mess around.  That stuff doesn't just get progress made, it gets DONE.  Why am I gloating so much about this?  Oh, I don't know, maybe because I did it for FREE (!!!).  That's right, zilch, nada, zero dollars involved in this fine make-over.  **This is me right now doing one of those fine 90's-era uber-dork fist pumps in the air, accompanied by the classy bottom-lip-bite** because I feel as though this accomplishment warrants such an extreme gesture**


A place for everything...
...And everything in it's place 
Allow me to remind you of the Before
And After (sigh...)
I'm a tiny bit excited about this...

You may notice, however, that I'm missing my swell seating option from Friday's inspiration board.  I had a stool already that could have been repurposed for this space if it weren't completely dwarfed by the height of my new work surface.  I made the counter space ridiculously tall on purpose, because I like to stand up to work, and often find myself in horrid posture, hunched over my projects.  There are times, however (like when putting on the teeny-tiny labels that take forever to deal with) that I like the option of sitting down.  Unfortunately my new Godzilla-tall counter is going to make finding a seating option a bit more tricky.  The hunt begins... 

OK, so here's what I used to turn a closet into a mini-studio space:  
~Every bit of the wood I used for the shelving was salvaged from a section of a shed we tore down in our backyard last Summer.
~The vintage lamp was a thrift find many years ago that my husband rewired for me, and had been sitting in storage in my basement ever since because I didn't have my own big-girl space to put it.
~The picture of the lady was something I bought for myself back when I got my very first apartment, and has traveled with me all these years to finally find a home on the wall of my new "studio."  I've promised her a proper frame soon.
~The counter top is made from a section of wood we found at Lowes back when we first bought our house with the intention of actually using it as a counter top in our hasn't-happened-yet-and-probably-won't-for-a-good-long-time kitchen remodel, then got turned into a computer desk for a brief period of time, then got sent to the basement after being replaced by a new desk top (coincidentally another slab of counter top).
~I had already been storing most of my finished products in recycled berry baskets.  It makes them really easy to take with me and display at the farmers' market.  So I just kept them in there because they fit perfectly on the shelves.  
~The colorful baskets (made from recycled magazines) that are now holding some of my packaging supplies used to live in my closet in our master bedroom.  But since we recently turned my closet into a bathroom, and I moved all my stuff into my husband's closet, there wasn't enough room for all my baskets of goodies, and things had to be consolidated.  So, like most of the other stuff in our house, they had been banished to our basement waiting to be put to use again.
~And the white paint doesn't owe us a dime.  It's Local Color paint we purchased years ago, and have used all over the house on various projects prior to this one.   

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