Thursday, July 5, 2012

Amazingly simple Pea Trellis...

Well, kind of.  The hard part was finding the guy who did this.  I say that, because without this particular guy,   these exact project materials wouldn't have been obtainable, and therefore the same results wouldn't have been achieved.  So first off, you'll need to go out and find yourself a Chef who really likes to grow his own food, but he also has to have formerly been a Marine so that he comes with really cool supplies (like parachute cord).  Then one day in the Spring time, you need to happen upon his dream-garden-seed-packet-list, steal it, go buy everything on it.
What our garden looked like about a month ago
OK, so if you've found a wicked cute guy with cool toys, and you've bought him a whole boatload of seeds, then you just sit back and wait.  You wait for the day that you come outside and see something that looks like a whole bunch of trees fell apart and left their pieces-parts in your raised beds, but then upon closer inspection you see that they are none other than artfully crafted Pea Trellises.  Materials required for this project?  Sticks and parachute cord (wildly cute husband is optional, as you could easily make this yourself, but I highly recommend keeping one around).  See, wicked simple, huh.  And for those of you who married wicked cute guys with other previous professions that didn't supply them with super-strength cord to keep life-saving devices from falling apart, plain old string from the hardware store will work just fine.

Basically, you just make 2 big "A's" out of sticks, bind them together at the top with your cord/string, attach them together by laying another stick across the top between them, wind the string again around the top piece to secure it, then tie a bunch of long pieces a few inches apart on the top piece, and let the loose ends dangle into the Pea plants.  They'll do the rest of the work from there.  Fancy, huh?

Peas, happily grasping a hold of and climbing up the cord 
What it looks like from the front.  Sorry about all the other sticks and stakes in the photo confusing things for us, but the tomato plants are growing like mad, and are going to be tied to the stakes this afternoon.  No one wants floppy tomatoes...

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