Thursday, August 8, 2013

New House Progress, and a Happy Anniversary...

Last week Hubby and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary.  Since we're neck deep in home remodeling, both our time and funds were pretty limited for this year's celebration.  So, we got creative, and had hands-down the best date we've ever had.  We blew up toilets!  Yup, we're from Vermont, and that was what seemed like a fun idea at the time.  We weren't wrong.

The new house has 2 full baths, and one half bath, for a total of 3 pretty gross fixtures that we chose to replace with new, CLEAN ones.  You can read this post on our half bath, if you want the gory details.  So we decided to try out hubby's new shotgun.  It was a blast (pun intended).  And you know what they say... "the couple that blows shit up together, stays together."

So, as far as the rest of the (actually productive, but not quite as fun) projects go, here's where we're at...
~My Dad came over and helped me make a mess.  We tore out the old hearth, because it wasn't intended for the kind of heat produced by a wood stove, and we'll be replacing it with a properly heat-resistant one.
~He also helped me start putting stuff back together by getting us started on the hardwood flooring.
    Getting started in The Kid's room, upstairs hallway, and some more of The Kid's room that I got done yesterday afternoon.
~New washer and dryer delivered the other day.  They're gorgeous, but pretty much all for show right now.  Until we get our water softener installed, there they sit, just looking pretty.
~Master bathroom pretty much done (for now).  Those peel-and-stick tiles, really only live up to half of their name.  The "peel" part works beautifully, but their "stick" function is pretty darned pathetic.  So our someday project will be to put down real tile.  But for now, these are going to have to do.  Much brighter in there though with the walls and vanity painted, and the 1987 hardware replaced.
~The painting really never seems to end, but, BUT!!!!  I just bought myself a paint sprayer!  It should be arriving on my doorstep within the week, and I'll let you know how it goes.
~And we've started bringing carloads of stuff each time we go up there to work.  So hopefully the move won't be quite so horrid when it comes time to do the actual moving day.

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