Saturday, July 6, 2013

New House Tour: The Interior "Before" photos...

The property at the new house is pretty much to die for.  It was the number one selling feature for us.  The interior of the house?  Not so much.  It has great bones, solidly constructed, and lots of potential.  But it's current cosmetic state is pretty nasty.  Hubby and I spent all of last Monday and Tuesday tearing out every single square inch of seriously stinky carpeting.  And I've been going there to paint for a few hours each evening after hubby gets home from work.  To be perfectly honest it really doesn't look like we've accomplished much at all, which is a little discouraging right now, but it certainly smells better in there now, which is a pretty major feat.  So this is the (slightly blurry iphone-pic) tour of the before state of the house...

1st Floor:

 Dining Room:
 Living Room:
 Master Bedroom:

 Master bathroom (with some seriously epic pink plush carpeting.  GROSS!)

 Half Bath (this is actually my most dreaded room to tackle, even though it's the smallest.  Not only was it the location of the previous owners litter box, but it's feline occupants apparently chose not to actually use the litter box.  So it's a pretty stinky place, AND it's completely wallpapered.  I'm not opposed to wallpaper, but this stuff isn't in spectacular condition, and I'm going to end up taking it down on principle of completely eradicating any lingering smells in the room):

 2nd Floor (in much better condition than the 1st floor.  After taking out the carpeting the other day, there's zero yuckiness up there anymore, and needs pretty minimal cosmetic stuff):
Upstairs Hallway:


The Kid's Bedroom: 
(that nook in the corner is the perfect spot for a sweet loft bed)

The Baby's Room:

 "The Gym" (we're not really sure what else to call this one).  We think it was originally the Master Bedroom, but it's just ridiculously huge.  I think a bedroom should be a cozy space.  Plus we thought it made more sense to have the master be the one downstairs with the attached bath.  It actually ended up working out well to have this extra space available.  Even though the square footage of this house is more than our old house, it's spread out over 2 floors.  This makes the footprint smaller, and with the garage under the house also, the basement is actually pretty teeny.  So this room will end up being where our workout stuff will live, and the attached walk-in closet will end up being storage for seasonal stuff.  Basically everything that we currently have in our basement at our old house will end up in this room, and the itty-bitty basement at this house will end up being my shop space for HOUSE 54.  I can't even begin to explain how happy I am to be able to move my workshop back home!!!:

More pics coming soon of the mess progress we've made so far.  

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  1. lots of potential. I like. the kitchen looks out dated (red counter tops when were those ever in?) the kitchen looks very dark, may I suggest yellow. seriously who puts carpet in a bathroom and pink, wow! one thing I think we did backwards with our house is we painted cool colors in the rooms on the north side of our house and warm colors in the rooms on the south side. my advice it to the opposite of what we did. do yellows and reds in the north facing rooms and blues and greens in the south facing rooms. ~James

  2. ugh, don't even get me started on the red counter tops...